A World of Veterinary Dental Caregivers

I recently attended the World Veterinary Dental Congress which was held in California this year. Over 900 veterinarians, veterinary dental specialists, technicians, and dentists were there. We gathered to share the most current information on oral and dental care. The veterinary dental specialists at the University of California are using 3D printers to fabricate templates to create implants to restore jaws in dogs that have lost part of their mandibles to trauma or cancer. Stem cell therapy is helping some cats recover from painful stomatitis. Lions and tigers and bears are treated for painful broken teeth by the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation.

Several veterinarians were awarded the American Veterinary Dental College diploma after many years of study and examination. There are now just over 150 Veterinary Dental Specialists in the world that are certified by the AVDC. Wherever you live, you may locate the specialist nearest you by visiting www.avdc.org.

It is comforting to know that this worldwide team of amazing people is making great strides and efforts to provide the best and most current oral and dental care for the animals we live with and work with daily.

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