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Fear Not

Fears are common and often immobilizing.  Those with a fear of flying do not travel on airplanes. A fear of drowning prevents swimming.  Many pet owners have common fears when it concerns oral and dental care for their pet: Fear of anesthesia Fear of a tooth root being left behind during an extraction Fear of […]

“He’s still eating.”

Pets with painful teeth still eat.  Some pets with broken jaws still eat.  Pets with painful cancer in their mouths still eat. How then, can you tell if your pet is having pain in the mouth or teeth? Any of the following changes may indicate that your pet is having pain in the mouth: General […]


BDLD is an acronym for ‘big dog little dog’.  BDLD cases often present to the emergency clinic.  They are also the most common cause of broken faces and jaws that we see in dentistry and oral surgery practice.  The most surprising incidence of these trauma cases are dogs in the same household that have lived together […]

A World of Veterinary Dental Caregivers

I recently attended the World Veterinary Dental Congress which was held in California this year. Over 900 veterinarians, veterinary dental specialists, technicians, and dentists were there. We gathered to share the most current information on oral and dental care. The veterinary dental specialists at the University of California are using 3D printers to fabricate templates […]

New Home for Christmas

Tis the Season of celebration; a time of parties, shopping, cooking, company, caroling, and cats. Yes, cats. My favorite cat rescue group, Cat’s Angels, creates an annual calendar featuring their cats up for adoption. This is a fund raiser in which amateur photographers volunteer to contribute their time and talents toward this project. Hundreds of photographs are […]

Simple Pleasures

Some of you have inquired about my cat, Mojo (see Blog entitled Life Lessons). Mojo had a tumor on his forehead that was unsuccessfully removed with repeated surgeries. He was being treated with chemotherapy and strontium therapy. He had difficulty with the chemotherapy and we had to discontinue it. Several weeks after the strontium therapy, […]

Goofy gets an oral exam

I had an opportunity to teach dentistry at a conference near Disney World recently.  On Sunday morning (yes, veterinarians attend conferences on Sundays), we were joined by Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Mickey and Minnie.  Children posed with the famous five while parents and grandparents took pictures. My presentation topic that morning was the oral exam.  I […]

BEWARE of “Natural”

We find the word “natural” on many food items for our pets and for ourselves.  “Natural” connotates safe and helpful things for us and our pets.  Or does it?  Natural may mean free of by-products, additives, processing, or artificial anything.  Some natural products are organic, some are not.  Some items that may be natural are […]

Time Out

Today I took a time out and stood in a corner.  This was different than a toddler timing out from bad behavior and standing in a corner.  I took time out from reading journals and other tasks to stand in a corner of the ocean.  A corner of the ocean? There is a sandbar at […]

The Forever Cat

From time to time I stop into a local cat rescue and adoption SPCA to visit the volunteers and cats.  Sometimes I am there to see a patient.  One day I adopted a kitten.  Other times it is just to stop in to see the beautiful and fun cats that are awaiting that special person […]