• B.S. Animal Husbandry, Michigan State University, 1978
    Graduated with Honor
  • DVM, Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, 1984
  • Diplomate American College of Veterinary Dentistry, April 2005

Veterinary Licenses

  • Florida (VM9349)

Professional Activities

Adjunct Professor, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Employment since 1984

6/84-4/85 Guil-Rand Veterinary Hospital, High Point, NC.
Owner: Dr. Max Sink
Mixed animal practice Associate

4/85-8/86 Sunset Animal Clinic, Columbia, SC.
Owner: Dr. Greg Brown
Small animal practice Associate

8/86-4/87 Oak Park Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC.
Owner: Dr. Steve Grubb
Small animal practice Associate

7/87-6/89 Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, Internship (Small Animal Medicine and Surgery), Akron, OH.
Intern and Staff Doctor

9/89-10/04 Owner, Chapel Hill Animal Clinic & Dentistry, Akron, OH.
Small animal practice with emphasis on dentistry

9/89-7/04 Owner (one of twelve) Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, Akron, OH.
Central hospital with referral group, rotating internships, featured in Veterinary Economics. Board President 1995.

10/01-10/04 Owner, Northeast Ohio Veterinary Dentistry, Mobile practice limited to Veterinary dentistry and oral surgery.

11/04-8/06 North Florida Veterinary Specialists, Jacksonville, FL.
Associate, practice limited to veterinary dentistry and oral surgery

11/04-present Owner, North Florida Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Jacksonville, FL.
Mobile practice limited to veterinary dentistry and oral surgery


  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Florida Veterinary Medical Association
    • College Advisory Committee 2010-2013
  • Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society
  • Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry
  • American Veterinary Dental College
    • Training Support Committee 2005-2008
    • Review & Assessment Program Chair 2009
    • Public Relations Committee 2010-current
    • Specialist in Training Chair 2016 – current
  • Toastmasters International: Advanced Communicator Silver, Advanced Leader Bronze


  • Alpha Zeta Fraternity, Michigan State University, 1976
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, LSU 1983-84
  • FVMA Gold Star Award, Florida Veterinary Medical Assn., 2008

Community Service

Guest speaker: Channel 29 TV Show, “Pet Talk”, live one-hour talk show concerning Pet Health issues. Multiple appearances, including Pet Dental Health Month, 1996, 1997.

Rubber City Kennel Club: Guest speaker, Topic – Dental Disease in Dogs, August 1998.

Kids Club: Six 60-second TV spots regarding dental health in pets for audience of Grade school children. Aired in 2000 on local television.

Professional Writings and Media Materials Authored

Hoffman S. Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice. JAVMA Vol 228(11): 1683-1684, 2006.

Hoffman S, Kressin DJ, Verstraete FJM. Myths and misconceptions in veterinary dentistry. JAVMA Vol 231(12): 1818-1824, 2007.

Hoffman S. Abnormal Tooth Eruption in a Cat. J Vet Dent Vol 25(2): 118-122, 2008.


Professional Presentations

7/9/97 Oral Cavity and Dental Disease in the Geriatric Feline,
Sponsor: Pharmacia-Upjohn, Akron, OH

7/97 – 5/2003 Dentistry, oral health, and oral surgery topic
Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital Intern Rounds, Akron OH

10/1/97 Oral Cavity and Dental Disease in the Geriatric Feline
Sponsor: Pharmacia-Upjohn, Cleveland, OH

2/4/98 Veterinary Wet Lab Instructor: Radiology and Surgical Extractions,
Sponsor: Pharmacia-Upjohn.
Co-instructor with Dr. Tom Klein, OSU Dental School

10/20/98 Dental Health for the Show Dog Rubber City Kennel Club, Akron

11/19/98 12th Annual Veterinary Dental Forum,
Surgery II Lab Assistant to Dr. Jana Levin

2/26/00 Veterinary Dental Radiology Wet Lab, Midwest
Veterinary Conference, Asst. to Dr. Holmstrom

2/26/00 Extraction Techniques Wet Lab, Midwest Veterinary
Conference, Lab Asst. to Dr. S. Holmstrom

5/7/00 Extraction Techniques Wet Lab, OSU Dental School
Asst. to Dr. Tom Klein, Sponsor: Pharmacia-Upjohn

9/20/00 Dental Radiology Wet Lab, Animal Hospital at
Ethan’s Green, Twinsburg, OH
11/19/00 Feline Dentistry – Extraction Wet Lab, OSU
Co-instructor to Dr. Tom Klein

9/29-10/01 Basic Veterinary Dentistry, Alberta, Canada
Asst. to Dr. L. Legendre, Sponsor: CDMV
Lecture and Lab

11/2/01 Intraoral Radiology (lecture and lab)
Surgical Extractions (lecture and demo)
The Oral Exam
Avon Lake Animal Clinic, Avon Lake, OH
Approved by OVMB for 6 CEU

12/1-2/01 Basic Veterinary Dentistry, Ontario, Canada
Asst. to Dr. L. Legendre, Sponsor: CDMV

12/14/01 Intraoral Radiology (lecture and lab)
Broadview Animal & Bird Hospital, Cleveland, OH

1/25/02 Intraoral Radiology (lecture and lab), The Oral Exam
Eastside Dog and Cat Hospital, Chesterland, OH

6/28/02 The Oral Exam, Periodontics
Lyndhurst Animal Clinic, Lyndhurst, OH

11/8/02 Veterinary Dental Radiology In-House Seminar Bartell Hospital, Brecksville, OH

1/3/03 Intraoral Radiology (lecture and lab)
Animal Hospital Inc., Willoughby Hills, OH

1/11/04 Veterinary Dentistry for the Technician
Tri-County Community College, Parma, OH

11/10/04 Pathologic and Iatrogenic Mandibular Fracture in a Dog: Case Study, North Florida Veterinary Specialists (NFVS)
Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

3/16/05 The Oral Exam, NFVS Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

4/18/05 Dental Equipment: Operation and Maintenance
Beaches Animal Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

5/11/05 Feline Chronic Plasmacytic Gingivitis, NFVS Grand Rounds
Orange Park, FL

8/21/05 Team Approach to Veterinary Dentistry
Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society, Jacksonville, FL

9/14/05 Periodontal Disease and the Diabetic Patient
NFVS Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

10/14-16/05 Annual Veterinary Dental Forum and World Dental Congress
Orlando, FL
Presentations: Dental Disease in Captive Orcas
Oral Disease in a Group of Asian Clawed Otters
Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Four Month Old Canine
Odontogenic and Non-Odontogenic Cysts in a Dog with Gingival Hyperplasia

3/8/06 Caudal Mandibular Fractures in Dogs, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

5/9/06 Dental Disease in Captive Orcas
International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine, Nassau, Bahamas

7/12/06 Regional Nerve Blocks for Oral Surgery, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

1/10/07 Porphyromomas Bacterin, Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

3/14/07 A Case of Missing Teeth, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

4/27/07 Dental Disease in Captive Orcas, World Veterinary Dental Congress,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

5/9/07 Update on Feline Gingivostomatitis, Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

9/11/07 Dental Home Hygiene, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

10/20/07 Instrument Sharpening using the Rx Honing Machine and Dental Equipment Care Laboratory, 21st Annual Veterinary Dental Forum, Minneapolis, MN

1/9/08 Anesthesia for the Dentistry Patient, Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

3/12/08 Veterinary Radiology, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

5/14/08 Feline Oral Fistulas, Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

7/9/08 Lymph Node Staging of Oral and Maxillofacial Neoplasms, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

9/27/08 Instrument Sharpening using the Rx Honing Machine and Dental Instrument Equipment Care Laboratory, 22nd Annual Veterinary Dental Forum, Jacksonville, FL

11/12/08 Periodontal Disease and Patient Health, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

3/11/09 Occlusal Trauma, Grand Rounds, Orange Park, FL

4/15/09 All Creatures Great and Small, the Veterinary Dentist Treats Them All, Clay County Dental Society, Orange Park, FL

11/1/09 Chronic Maxillary Osteomyelitis in a Dog and Two Cats, 22nd Annual Veterinary Dental Forum, Scottsdale, AZ

11/7/09 What’s New in Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery, 78th Annual Conference forVeterinarians & Technicians, LSU-SVM, Baton Rouge, LA

1/24/09 Taking Dentistry to the Next Level in General Veterinary Practice, South Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, University of Georgia, Tifton, GA

3/10/10 Anesthesia Free Dentistry – a Disservice, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

5/11/10 Intraoral Radiography in a Group of Captive Dolphins, 41st Annual Conference of the International Assn of Aquatic Animal Medicine, Vancouver, British Columbia

7/14/10 TMJ Dislocation, Mandibular and Dental Fracture Treatment in a Cat, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

11/10/10 Auricular Cartilage Repair of Oronasal Fistulas, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

3/16/11 The Oral Health – General Health Continuum, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

3/24/11 Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Univ. of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, FL

5/4/11 Taking Dentistry to the Next Level, North Carolina Companion Animal Academy, Cary, NC

5/5/11 Taking Dentistry to the Next Level, Virginia Academy of Small Animal Medicine, Richmond, VA

5/20-21/11 Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery for the Small Animal Practice, 1st Flight Veterinary Conference, Kitty Hawk, NC

7/20/12 Tooth Root Abscess Misconceptions, Grand Rounds, Jacksonville, FL

5/11/12 Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Univ. of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, FL

5/20/12 What’s New in Veterinary Dentistry, Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society, Jacksonville, FL

6/18/12 The Oral Exam, What’s New in Veterinary Dentistry, Southeast Veterinary Conference Hilton Head, SC

6/18/12 Dental Radiography Lab, Southeast Veterinary Conference, Hilton Head, SC

10/5-6/13 Gulf-Atlantic Veterinary Conference, Boca Raton, Florida | The Oral Exam, What’s New in Veterinary Dentistry, Oronasal Fistulas in Dogs, Feline Dentistry, Broken Faces and Other Emergencies, Stress-free Mandibular Canine Extractions

4/26-27/14 85th FVMA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL | Canine Dental Extraction Wet lab, The Oral Exam, What’s New in Veterinary Dentistry

7/9/14 Feline Dentistry, JVMS, Jacksonville, Florida

11/16/2014 Oral Mast Cell Tumor in a Cat, Veterinary Dental Forum, Atlanta, GA

6/4-6/5/2016 Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference, Destin, FL | Ten hours of continuing education presented

2/18/2017 Big Bend Veterinary Medical Association, Tallahassee, FL | The Oral Exam, Broken Faces & Other Emergencies, Feline Dentistry, Stress-free Mandibular Canine Extractions

9/16/2017 Veterinary Dental Forum, Nashville, TN | What Went Wrong?



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