• Dental Radiography
    Evaluation of permanent teeth in puppies, assessment of dental disease, tooth and jaw fractures, oral tumors, and TMJ
  • Periodontics
    Treatment of disease causing bad breath, discolored (brown, yellow) teeth, reddened or bleeding gums
  • Endodontics
    Treatment of broken teeth with pulp exposure, root canal therapy
  • Restorations
    Treatment to restore the tooth with fillings, crowns, or bonding
  • Orthodontics
    Correction of painful, incorrect bite alignment, bite evaluations, genetic counseling
  • Oral Surgery
    Complicated extractions, jaw or tooth fractures, palatal defects, oral tumors

Veterinary Referrals

The veterinary dental specialist knows more about diseases, tumors, and trauma of the mouth than any other veterinary specialist. If there is a broken jaw, or tumor in the mouth, ask your veterinarian to refer you directly to a veterinary dental specialist for oral evaluation and treatment planning. No other specialty provides the training and skills to diagnose and treat your pet’s oral disease such as broken jaws, broken teeth, tumors of the mouth, inflammation of the gums, holes in the gum, swellings in the mouth, cleft palate, and oral pain of any kind.

The veterinary dental specialist is NOT a replacement for your family pet veterinarian. The specialist provides services beyond routine cleaning and uncomplicated extractions. The veterinary dentist may provide these primary services for pets having pre-existing medical problems that require extra special anesthesia considerations.

The veterinary dentist and oral surgeon works with your family pet veterinarian to provide the best care possible to relieve pain and maintain function of your pet’s teeth and mouth. We are a team!

For Animal Handlers and Breeders

In addition to services for pet owners, Dr. Hoffman also offers:

  • Intraoral x-rays in puppies to see if all adult teeth are present before they erupt
  • Bite (occlusion) evaluation and genetic counseling
  • Bite correction for malocclusions in neutered/spayed dogs

For DVMs

Dr. Hoffman’s services are available to veterinarians to supplement existing services as well as provide continuing education for veterinarians and office staff.
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